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We are an International Fraternity of Sportsmen whose purpose is the promotion of sportsmanlike hunting and fishing, strict maintenance of traditional customs and ceremonies, wildlife conservation in connection with hunting and establishment of good fellowship amongst sportsmen all over the world.

The Brotherhood is a Chapter of the Grand Kapitel of the International St. Hubertus Order with membership represented in over 13 countries in Europe and North America. The International St. Hubertus Order is the oldest and most prestigious hunting organization in the world. It is organized as a Knightly Brotherhood under the direction of a Grand Master and has National Chapters (or Baillies), each under the direction of a Grand Prior. In the United States, the Chapter is divided into geographic Priories under the direction of a local Prior. 

Membership in the Brotherhood is by invitation only and includes a rigorous selection process.  The process is culminated in an Investiture Ceremony which is the primary social event for the Brotherhood. Additionally, there are international and regional gatherings such as a Christmas Dinner, luncheons as well as lectures and special presentations. There are also Brotherhood sponsored hunting opportunities in the United States, Europe and North and South America.

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